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Womens Coaching Association


In 2020, Aish Ravi launched the Women’s Coaching Association (WCA), a visionary project addressing the limited support for women coaching sports in Australia. As the founder and Director, Aish is committed to uniting women and girls in coaching globally, breaking sports boundaries. Acknowledging the underrepresentation of women in coaching, Aish leads the charge to bridge this gap, inspired by the belief that women bring unique skills and perspectives crucial for sports and society.

Despite challenges, Aish remains unwavering in her mission: to elevate women’s coaching from grassroots to elite levels. Through the WCA platform, she provides expertise, leadership, and passion, driving change and fostering an inclusive coaching landscape.

Join Aish’s mission and empower women in coaching. Together, we shape inspiring role models and redefine coaching as a vibrant and fulfilling career for generations to come. Join us in rewriting the narrative—one coaching journey at a time.

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