Dr. Ravi, a pioneer for women’s leadership and gender equality in sport. She is passionate about the importance of inclusion, diversity and implementing best practice.

She is the founder of the Women’s Coaching Association and an educator with has a passion for creating inclusive spaces in sport. Aish also co-founded “Lead Between The Lines”, an organisation aimed at educating local councils and sporting clubs on ways to foster gender equality and inclusive practices in organisations. Her current research focuses on the lived experiences of women football coaches, racial literacy and developing effective anti-racism approaches in community sport with a focus on how to create more inclusive environments in community sport.

As a football coach and educator, she is actively researching the lived experience of women football coaches. She is passionate about making sport a more inclusive space for all. She is also a qualified business and economics teacher and plays cricket, football, golf, and coaches soccer.

Dr Aish Ravi Professional Portrait

My research areas include

Women’s experiences in coach education 

Exploring racial literacy and anti-racism within university campus sport

Developing effective anti-racism approaches for women and girls in community sport