Coaching and Teaching

Dr. Aish Rqavi is a distinguished educator and researcher at Monash University, specializing in the intersection of coach education, gender and sports. With a commitment to empowering women in sports and fostering inclusive environments, Dr. Ravi brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her teaching and coaching. Her dedication to advancing women’s leadership in sports and education is evident in her research and dynamic teaching methods.

Teaching Areas

Dr. Aish Ravi’s courses at Monash University reflect her commitment to shaping future educators and leaders. Her teaching portfolio includes:

  • EDF1061 – Working in Education: An Introduction to the Profession
  • EDF1062 – Approaches to Teaching and Learning
  • EDF2064 – Assessing Teaching and Learning
  • EDF5837 – Introduction to Teaching
  • EDF5161 & EDF5162 – Master of Teaching (Business Management/Economics)
  • EDF1077 – Games Based Approaches to Health & Physical Education
  • EDF3090 – Inclusion and Diversity in Health and Physical Education
Dr Aish Ravi Professional Portrait

Research Areas

Dr. Ravi’s research is centered on coach education and gender in sports. Her work aims to challenge traditional gender norms and promote greater inclusion and equity within the sports industry. Key research interests include:

  • Coach Education
  • Gender and Sports

Through her research, Dr. Ravi tries to create a more inclusive and equitable sports environment, empowering women to take on leadership and coaching roles and breaking down the systemic barriers that have historically limited their opportunities.

Empowering Women through Education and Leadership

Dr. Ravi is not only an academic but also a passionate advocate for women in sports and education. She believes in the transformative power of education to empower women and promote gender equality. Her courses are designed to inspire and equip future educators and leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to drive change and create inclusive environments.

Whether through her teaching at Monash University or her groundbreaking research, Dr. Ravi is committed to fostering a new generation of leaders who are prepared to challenge the status quo and promote equity and inclusion in all aspects of education and sports.